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  Inner Mongolia Duolun ring Thirteenth Lake cycling race start firing 26, 20 teams from across the country more than 140 athletes gathered in Toronto to participate in the tea ceremony in Inner Mongolia and Russia Miles thirteenth ring Doran Lake Road Cycling Race.Official sources, Inner Mongolia Duolun ring Lake Road Cycling Race has gone through 12 years of history, Chinas sports tourist events, national sports tourist routes and Inner Mongolia National Fitness characteristic brand.The picture shows the opening ceremony.Duolun courtesy by organizing events, not only show the world the "tea city, prairie Water", "natural summer, the Beijing garden", "Chinese natural oxygen bar" the beautiful natural scenery and unique eco-cultural value, but also showcase the people of Toronto Xiaoying universal guests hospitality and enthusiasm.In the opening scene, the audience came to watch consciously stand on both sides of the track, waving his hands, cheers, applause, cheering instantly merged into a sea of joy.Players are eager to do well prepared to the best athlete in the state show style.The picture shows the opening ceremony.Duolun courtesy Xilin Gol League players Abagaqi Platinum Star said Duolun I feel very good, the environment, especially the United States, especially like the "Oxygen Bar", came mainly focusing on participation, practice low-carbon travel, Green travel.After the field bicycle race held on the same day, athletes from Duolun Cultural Park riding westward, after the yellow wicker toll station at the return, riding along State Road 510 east line by Toronto Kosei entrance into the lake one week The final game to reach the end Doran Lake, namely Beijing-day North prairie Lake Resort.After intense competition from Shenzhen racing sports team 30 players Qiangba, red electric fleet of 36 players the amount of treasure, 35 players completed the top three, respectively tribute.Wherein Qiang Palestine and Israel 2 hours 7 minutes and 37 seconds to score won.

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