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  The two sides and Hong Kong educators were saying education practice: Do not forget from where Title: strait and Hong Kong educators were saying education practice: Do not forget from where the first departure of Wang Jie recent years, the "practical education" has become the consensus of Chinese education in the basic education stage, generally considered long-term weight imparting knowledge, to develop a light practice We need to gradually change the situation.Earlier commented that the future, China should be padded short board practice of educating people, and play practical value of education.Recently, the Association Central Committee in Guizhou Province hosted a theme of "primary and secondary school education curriculum and evaluation practice" exchanges, participate in the activities of the two sides and the Hong Kong educators accept - reporters, to share practical experience in different areas of education.Nanchong City, Sichuan Province Peace Road Primary School try to practice in the promotion of education mushroom growing campus in 2020 onwards.The school encourages students to participate in the entire process of mushroom cultivation, access to information on planting, planting, watering, observed and recorded growing, harvesting, are each independently graders, mushrooms grow out for teachers and students to share.Luojia school principal, said many schools there is too much emphasis on instilling moral philosophy, but a simple way, a mere formality.Although the meticulous practice of education, is not trivial, it should occupy an important position in the overall education schools.He said the school should proceed from the students when planning practice education, as long as a good grasp of determined purpose, students can be harvested.He pointed out that education is not practical to test scores at the expense of two complement each other.Such as mushroom growing, although simple, but students can develop the ability to record the mushroom growth and sentiment, the students can learn mathematics and science knowledge, practice writing Chinese.The same view is confirmed practical courses Taitung County, Taiwan Wing Elementary School.Five years ago, the school began to organize high school students finish the walk Taitung 202 km coastline, in activities, students also carry out independent investigations of marine litter based on their interests, to discuss security issues and other topics.Wen said the school principal on Germany after school with academic achievement-oriented, carry out the practice of education, students not only learn discipline did not give up, but will migrate to the practice of learning achievement, better results."After two years, 11 students participated in the countys coastline has completed essay contest, swept the top two."He said it was high-quality educational output, the child can see and feel will be converted into action, and thus have an impact on others.After the "sea waste" investigation, they learned about the home, know how to protect the environment, from their own perspective, their own power to change the world."We hope Yongan primary school children healthy, polite, bold challenges, like learning, it is our intention education, but also to see the child began to have visions of the future."Practical education for students to see the direction in life, it is also the experience of Hong Kong YMCA College.The school principal Emeritus practice Zhiqiang told this reporter in 2009, Hong Kongs implementation of the new academic structure, all students will read the six-year secondary school curriculum, the resulting challenge is learning initiative is not high students have completed 6 years Learn.The school is government subsidized secondary schools, three percent of students come from single-parent families, because the family support is weak, the students generally lack of confidence, lack of initiative to learn, but the lack of dreams.9 years ago, the YMCA College to carry out "having a dream," the practice of education, to provide six-year "career planning" programs for students.In the course, students develop self-education and career goals, they have to gather extensive information, learn to achieve the desired target personal qualities, accordingly choose a course and continue to reflect adjustments."There is a girl wants to nurse, she queried to study science, have a healthy physical condition, to test the College of Nursing, she knows the school six years what to do," practice Zhiqiang, the school also invited different industry professionals to enter the campus lectures, provide a channel for students to understand the social.He said that the school many parents that their children have shown surprise when a dream - the original children have so many ideas, but also ready.In addition, the Hong Kong SAR Government to provide substantial support for the practice of education courses, students have more access to the world in practice, and this is one of the areas can learn from the mainland to the Hong Kong Education."The schools mission is to ignite students dreams and help them reach.With determination and perseverance, every dream can come true."This is the beginning of the heart education training Zhiqiang."Chinese teachers reported" a senior reporter Wushao Fen said, do not forget that education starting from where we train students in addition to have knowledge, but also learn how to learn, to cooperate, to survive, man, practice, education is an important way to cultivate students comprehensive quality.

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