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  Beijing sentencing of illegal aliens organization when the teacher jailed for three cases Illegal aliens when teacher organizations to help foreigners cheat jailed for three visas and other illegal dispatch work in early childhood education; Judges prompt parents to choose schools and teacher to many visits the morning of July 16, Beijings three in the hospital, "the organization others illegally crossing the border case "the defendant into court.Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin intern Chen Wanting She recently qualified teacher is not teaching, suspected of illegal employment is frequently chaos burst, causing social concern.Yesterday, the Beijing Intermediate Peoples Court sentenced three illegal organization with no qualified foreign personnel engaged in immigration cases nursery teacher, a supervisor of the Company and other educational organizations over three illegal entry of foreign personnel, and the other sent to a number of kindergartens in the form of labor dispatch illegal workers.Organized crime because three others were jailed for illegally crossing the border a year and a half to two years, ranging from penalties.Yesterday morning, the Beijing Intermediate Peoples Court sentenced three illegal organization with no qualified foreign personnel in the kindergarten teacher case.According to reports, Beijing Blue Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. cloud education supervisor and two employees at a fictitious entry describes the subject of the entry of foreigners, and the other sent to a number of kindergartens in Beijing in the form of illegal dispatch of workers.Organization expatriates subject to defraud the fictional entry visa According to reports, the three defendants are women.Liu Moujuan before the incident blue ocean Supervisor, Beijing Venture Capital Consultants Ltd. Xu Liang, deputy general manager, Liu Mouxia, Zhao month is above education employees.Three people accused of illegally crossing the border organized crime in others detained in October 2017, after being sued.Court of first instance verdict, blue ocean company, Xu Liang company is engaged in foreign teachers intermediary services company, the two companies are the actual business address Chaoyang District, Beijing General International A seat, the two companies have the same shareholders and employees.Defendant Liu Moujuan specific work in the two companys business, and Zhao Liu Mouxia monthly charge of teacher recruitment and management.Between August 2016 to September 2017, three defendants together with foreigners "ALEX" Our organization intends to Serbian personnel engaged in the work of the teacher labor, Ukrainian personnel and others to defraud the fictional subject of short-term entry visa or study business visa to enter the territory of mainland China, and the above-mentioned foreign personnel in the form of labor dispatch, sent to a number of illegal workers in Beijing kindergartens.Court of First Instance, three people to seek illegal interests, knowing that foreign nationals without legal immigration procedures, illegal immigration organized more than foreigners, and describes its objective characteristics illegally engaged in labor, in line with the behavior of others illegally crossing the border organized crime, should be organizing others Vietnam border criminal prosecution.Defendant Liu Moujuan Department of principal, and the other two are accomplices.Comprehensive three acts, three judgments were 2 years in prison, 1 year and 9 months, 1 year and 6 months and fined.Seriously disrupting the country appealed for border management order Liumou Juan et al..Principal Liumou Juan said that foreigners involved in passport and visa are real, and foreigners own handle.Its examination and approval of the companys work content, in the case of the legal representative of the company and the actual controller is not convicted of a crime that can not be found.Second instance court that the present case on charges of obstruction of the Department of Crime border management, individual violation of the state border of the normal management order.Three defendants to seek illegal interests, in order to help foreigners fictional subject entry by immigration rope introduction, etc., although the entry of foreigners learning to take visa, business visa form is true, has not been found fraud case, but its entry is the subject of our government whether to approve important aspect of their entry.According to documented evidence, three seriously disturbed behavior and consequence management order to the countrys borders, should be recognized as a crime.This crime belongs to the natural crime, behavior of individuals planning organization, so foreigners involved in illegal workers in China, especially in early childhood education.For the three defendants should be held criminally responsible.Court of First Instance finds that the facts and appropriate charges.Intermediate Peoples Court in Beijing on March court made a final decision, upheld the conviction.Judge Tip With the improvement of living standards, more and more parents pay attention to their childrens education, bilingual kindergartens endless variety.Some suspect eyeing business opportunities, and they are not recruiting qualified foreign teachers through formal procedures, but not online recruiting workers formalities foreigners, illegal immigration organization, and then sent to each school as a teacher, profiteering.So to remind parents to safeguard the interests of the child related, in addition to the wide range of inspection in the school and the teachers choice, they found false teacher, but also a timely report.1 Focus commerce company issued an invitation to help foreigners entering the witness said Zhang worked in foreign trade Suifenhe in Heilongjiang, met some Russian business partners, customers work in many Russian immigrants invitation to do.After 2016, invitations must be authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the units for processing in 2016, allowing the general business companies embassies issued invitations for foreign workers.So many Russian partners to find him, to use his name for foreigners to do business companies invitation.Zhang said, the general process is the customer to apply for a visa in the passport photo to his people, he used a computer according to customer information to an invitation to make things right, cover the Companys Articles, issued to Russian partners, "Sasha".He did not know the specific identity Sasha, only knew each other before the door to look at a foreign consulate, and later opened a hotel.Cooperation between the year, he is Sasha out of the two or three hundred invitations, foreigners in China by invitation should engage in business activities, exhibition display, exhibition, etc., but these specific invitations to people who did not come to China, specific to the Chinese what did he know nothing about.The case involved "teacher" in two Zhang is an invitation, he said did not know these people, but Sasha passport information sent to him via e-mail, let him do invitations.In 2017, he issued an invitation to do is find and punish the police, stopped.Focus 2 foreigners looking for an intermediary to do business, engage in illegal student visas after the entry of foreign teachers working expatriate staff said, found employment in China is very high salaries, so had the idea to China to make money.They got the invitation, but did not do the appropriate thing, but directly to find a company where Liu Moujuan apply for a student visa or business visa.An expatriate staff, said Liu Mouxia said business visa holders can work in China."Teacher" Andrew and Jana said they hold an invitation-commerce signed in the Russian Embassy Office.Liu Mouxia told them that if they say the police checked only worked for two months, not to mention the company, and gave a false contracts, working time only two months.Foreigners held student visas are handled by the aforementioned expatriates ALEX.It is understood that they are held by short-term student visa, offer 6,500 yuan / half a year, only need to provide a passport, birth certificate and copies of qualifications.Some people half a sign, a sign many times, continued to work on a student visa in China.The case after the incident, the illegal employment of foreign per capita administrative detention, deportation after.3 large focus of market demand for non-working visa in employment in the previous account, Liumou Juan said the company released the information in the online recruitment of foreign teachers, if there is interest in foreigners, they will inform the interview, the job training, to introduce nursery work.They will see foreign teachers have no work visa, not let them to apply, apply for it, other visa holders will not be dismissed, even some people holding a tourist visa dry teacher.Large "market demand, we want to hire foreigners holding work permits of non."Liumou Juan said the company will bear part of the teachers visa fees," we pay them the visa fee to keep these foreign teachers continue to work for us, our company can get more benefits."Liu Mouxia As an employee responsible for recruiting foreign teachers and introduce foreigners attracted to the city when the kindergarten teacher.She find annual average of around 12 foreigners, so far more than 30 people, mostly Russian, Ukrainian, but the language is not English, so these people can not apply for a work visa.Liu Mouxia said that if able to fulfill the task will introduce foreigners have been deducted, although no work visa do know the teacher is not legal, but what attracted foreign teachers who have a visa.The nursery staff involved in the case said the company does not know the blue ocean, these foreigners Liang Xu company sent into the kindergarten was "so source".They said that regardless of the kindergarten teacher visa issue, blue ocean company claiming to apply for special work visas teacher, nursery teacher wages is to post these companies, issued by the companies involved teacher, Liu Moujuan responsible for docking and kindergartens.Beijing News reporter Liu Yang

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