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  In spring, in the name of love youth tribute 2020 Chinese New Year Spring Festival curtain extraordinarily different.The long-awaited reunion this year has a different connotation.Spring Festival in particular an increase of epidemic prevention and control program "Love is the bridge" in the phrase "we the New Year, we help you cross the border," straight to the heart, touched countless.Million happy time, in a different city traffic busy fighting front of workers, in their respective positions with quiet dedication of police officers, health care workers answered the call to participate in treatment, the key moment starry night rush to the rescue of the peoples army medical workers.Them hidden in the country, love for the people, not sensational confession, but it is earth-shattering action.No one is born to brave.Dressed, they are the most beautiful person retrograde.Took off his clothes, they are all young and lively "children".When the epidemic struck, he volunteered to join the fight; with a little anxiety and fear, but firmly and write his name; in a tough situation, Wuhan retrograde to race against time to start building, "the Vulcan Hill Hospital." .Text is not enough to express them all."If the words.My colleagues will save me, "which is a medical workers answer, confidence and trust as thick."Hectic, anxious, worried, moved.Feel the most complex one in the post Chinese New Year on duty ", which is a media persons confession, in front of the concerns of loneliness.At the moment, no one can stay out.Guide epidemic is action, dynamic publishing the latest data every day, every day the sky spontaneous donations action, each responsive action pre-loaded, each eager voice, "Wuhan hold", spread and pass off that burn in people bones neighborhood watch, concept and spirit of solidarity.That peace of mind is a reunion.For disaster, we are not unfamiliar, but also never lost confidence.Every time a disaster, all the people in the battle and reflection through condensation in the world is the truest love is the most powerful force.Chinese people face disaster play the strongest voice of the times, we will not absence, nor the absence of.Today, let us in the name of youth, to pay tribute to all those who can not go home.Now, let us play with action to combat the epidemic into a more powerful force.We believe that, at the spring sunshine, is when to go home!(China Youth Network commentator)

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