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  To avoid being hit by the Indian elephant railcars intends to use the bees scare elephants According to the "Central News Agency" reported on the 11th, in order to allow the elephants to leave the railway, to avoid being injured or killed by a train, Indian Railways will implement the "Plan Bee", using loudspeakers playing buzz of bees fly, scare close to the tracks of elephants.Data Figure: India elephant crossing railroad tracks.From 2013 to June 2020, nearly 70 elephants have been killed by trains, mostly in the northeastern Indian state of Assam and West Bengal.According to reports, the majority of Assams forest, there are nearly 6,000 elephants, accounting for 20% of Indias National.Buzz about 50 loudspeakers were installed in 12 "elephant corridor", as the "Plan Bee" part.Indian Railways spokesman Sharma said that when the train near the accident-prone locations will play a buzz, but 600 meters away elephants can hear the buzz.The device had by mid-2017 on human testing of captive elephants, wild elephants went on to test the deployment began officially in 2020.Reported that the elephant afraid of bees sting sting.

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