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  Sichuan West charge: Dam on New Years feast, then Village Hull Reporters walked into Nanchong 23 West County Guan town of Cave Village, Meng Jia Wan see young boys are busily swing Dam feast.It is the development of young people outside the New Year back home, spontaneously organize themselves to buy food, he "Chef" for the elderly at home to do a "special Dam feast," so that the villagers gathered in large groups.West County town of Cave Village Guan Meng Jia Wan Dam feast.Minghui has taken "In recent years, under the impetus of tackling poverty, Cave village landscape, forest Road have a tremendous change, Hull, formerly known for poor villages, now has a truly well-off village of , scenic mountain village has changed."Western town of Cave charge Guan village Party branch secretary of Zhu Jialin said that this year the village young people spontaneously chipped run from the Dam feast, mostly poultry meat production for fruits and vegetables in the village, the villagers chef is out in the restaurant industry as.People picking citrus.Wang Jue Photo noon, after a burst of festive fireworks, pigs ear salad, folded ears, konjac duck, mushrooms stewed chicken, boiled fish, fried bacon, bean curd and other dishes served successively in the "warm congratulations large Cave Village in the next group dam feast "banner, the villagers sat around the table together celebrating the Lunar New Year, good policy then a total of tackling poverty, enjoyable scene, crowded.West County Guan town of Cave Village.Minghui has taken "That Dam dinner eat happy, memorable, moving!My life is better than a year year!"This year 75-year-old Meng Ming and cheerfully said, a few years ago when they were named the poverty caused by poor households, never dreamed to have a good day now.He broke a finger counting the income account in 2020: officially fruiting 3 acres of citrus, the total output of 3,500 kg at 6 yuan a kilogram count, to income of 200 million yuan; 5000 yuan village designed to support the industry gold shares Lloyd, Paul at the end dividends can get 400 yuan; 20,000 yuan interest-free loans to microfinance company shares a farming village brigades integration, security at the end dividends can get 1400 yuan."With poultry, the park workers, and children of the monthly honor, the annual income of over 30,000 yuan is not a problem!"The villagers were happy paychecks.Minghui has taken impoverished, under the impetus of the days become better tackling poverty there Zhu Dengwen.During his work, the village industrial management and protection not only for his team planted about 1.7 acres of citrus, fertilizers and seedlings do not spend a penny, earnings after fruiting all go myself, "two days before the city citruses, a few hundred dollars of income."Zhudeng Wen said with a smile, a child reading a tuition waiver, their own medical aid poor households have to see a doctor," More and more now travel to the village, in the hope that tourism will, at the gates of jobs, making money Take care of the children. Driven by tourism, employment at home can vision, Cave village there are many villagers realized.This year 55-year-old farmhouse is the boss Zhu Jiayong Cave village people, close to home in the West charge county clothing business, will change the development of the village along the lake road, road Newswire, industry Road and citrus, lotus seeds and other industries that one drop is within sight, will spend more than 50 million home in 2020, a new two-story house decoration, January 2020 officially run from the farmhouse, both accommodation can eat."Chengdu and Chongqing tourists to fishing a lot, the busiest time of day 10 to the reception desk, poultry and fish are all raised their own, grow their own vegetables, fruit garden picked their own, very popular with customers of all ages."Zhu Jiayong proud to say that after retirement, in Cave Hill, which do not go.Reporters saw, and now the cave village, quiet and beautiful.Red Rock village located Kubi Bo sparkling water, petaloid peninsula extending into the water, the dam fishing leisurely visitors, villagers orchard lakes pick citrus joy.Zhu Jialin told reporters, Cave Village is located in the flooded area Red Rock reservoirs with a total population of 163 507 people, filing cards stand poor households 31 75.The village in tackling poverty in Red Rock Reservoir into full play its advantages in resources, agriculture brigade integrated development as the starting point, the village set up a special SCO, attract villagers to land, labor, etc. shares, establish and improve a branch + farmers model of development, see planting green in spring and see, Ehime, Tagaytay and other citrus approximately 500 acres, 100 acres of lotus seeds.2020 was the first year of fruiting citrus official, production is expected to reach 120,000 kg.It was planted plane trees, attracted the Phoenix.Foreign investors are optimistic about the development potential of township Cave Village, have settled in the village run from the farmhouse and bed and breakfasts, transfer of land from the office of the orchard.Mr. Zhu and investment partners abandoned sites will be converted into a leisure and entertainment area of 30 acres farmhouse accommodation in one of the dining absorb more than 10 villagers in this long-term employment.Mr. Yang is to spend millions of dollars, the lake run from the mountain on the potential characteristics and leisure Villa B & B, as well as the development of the wrong season citrus, nearby villagers to absorb more than 30 years in this workers."20 days, 1,200 yuan, never owed, in real wages."On that day, a villager happily told reporters that after receiving salaries."Precision poverty alleviation, West charge Cave village into a well-off village from the poor villages; agriculture combined trip, Cave village lies to become a gold and silver mines."Zhu Jialin said with emotion, Cave Village relying on resources and industrial advantages reservoir development of rural tourism, the village was well out of poverty in mid-2017.Today, the village can eat fruit all year round, and can enjoy the scenery there, there are grounds playable.Back to the village to repair small houses, cottages villagers more and more, as in the days of lively Dam feast festive group as gathered together, united, the day over the more prosperous.

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